Once I had been going to CrossFit everyday for about a month, all my joints started to get really sore and I had issues with my muscles taking a really long time to recover.

A friend suggested I start having fresh lemon in water everyday to help alkalise my body in case it was lactic acid build up causing my pain, and it has really helped.

My joints are much better and my muscle recovery has drastically improved.

I would highly recommend everyone try this, my mum has just started and told me it is helping with her arthritis.



Me at the spa for recovery

Cat-enjoys-warm-bathOnce a week or so we go to the spa and let our muscles recover from the rigors of training. Its very helpful and relaxing, but good luck getting me out!

Hand repair

climb oncrossfixAs you will discover quick smart, CrossFit is pretty hard on your hands. Between pull ups, ring dips and lifting, the skin on the palms and fingers of your hands will cop it bad.

The best way I have found to help them along, and this works for climbers as well, is ‘Climb on’ or ‘Cross Fixe’.

It will heal your tears and calluses without making your skin softer so it will be less likely to rip, but I’m sure you’ll find a way!


Best way to use it is to wash your hands with hot soapy water and rub it into your owies a couple of time a day, its thick and waxy and you’ll need to use soap to get it off.

Ask your CrossFit if they stock it, If they don’t get it online. I would highly recommend it.

P.S. its really good for your cuticles as well, but the shit gets everywhere so be careful!